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ATM Fly-Ware Pole Mount Series Mounting Hardware

The ATM Fly-Ware Pole Mount Series of hardware is a product aimed at providing the most absolute secure installation possible.

The ATM Fly-Ware Pole Mount Series of hardware is a product aimed at providing the most absolute secure installation possible. ATM Fly-Ware can provide brackets for pole diameters from 2 – 30 inches. The product is available in high-strength stainless steel and structural aluminum for corrosion resistance. The mount is made up of several pieces and is precision machined for a clean, well-integrated installation. All required parts of the system are determined by the manufacturer to provide a secure installation.

Upon removing the components from the box, I noticed there were no instructions. Although one could probably figure out how to connect the pieces, I called the factory just to be sure. All units ship with instructions, this was a prototype so they emailed me instructions and helpful links to their website.

ATM Fly-Ware is very clear about its request to have the contractor call their technical support department to ensure the proper products get selected for the application and type of device that it will be responsible for supporting. They also query the contractor regarding their experience and skill level, as their products are exposed to a high liability. Over all, when completed, the installation looks worthy of a lifetime of reliable and secure support. The ATM Fly-Ware website offers a complete catalog of parts and installation information to make the job a success.

Assembling the unit was easy. The pieces fit together very cleanly. No nasty or rough edges to contend with. The entire system can be installed using standard wrenches and tin snips.

The bolting hardware used for the “L” brackets fit snugly and tightened in place with no fuss. Affixing the bracket to the pole is pretty straight forward. You slip the bands through the pole mount, and then through the slits in the tightening “aluma form” bolt. Make sure you have at least 6-8 inches poking through the tightening bolt and then bend them around to wrap around the inside of the pole. Once the bands are in place, simply tighten the bolts with a wrench. The end result was a very rigid (and heavy; about 17 lbs) mount. The pole mount plate can also accommodate directly mounting an omni mount, although I did not have one to try. The bracket affixed to the pole very rigidly, and did not appear as if it could ever come down (even when I hung from it). Striking the “L” bracket with your wrench makes a pretty good dinner bell as well!

Contact: ATM Fly-Ware at 888-744-6673,