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Listen Technologies’ ListenPoint Ships

Bluffdale, UT (September 21, 2010)--Listen Technologies’ ListenPoint system is now shipping.

Bluffdale, UT (September 21, 2010)–Listen Technologies’ ListenPoint system is now shipping.

ListenPoint allows users to bridge multiple audio sources within a small room setting. The ListenPoint line includes Control Unit, Room Module, Speakers and the M1 Microphone/Media Interface.

“ListenPoint is a new solution for the corporate/government market that will enable small to medium size rooms to have big room sound capabilities at an affordable price,” said Russell Gentner, President of Listen Technologies. “There are so many rooms that are overlooked for installation of audio; yet these same rooms are used day in and day out for meetings and collaborations using laptops and other devices without any real consideration to audio structure. With ListenPoint those important interactions can now have the quality sound they deserve.”

“ListenPoint is also Listen’s evolution of the traditional Soundfield system used in education,” explained Tim Schaeffer, VP of Strategic Development of Listen Technologies. “We’ve known for many years that voice amplification can help both students and instructors to be more effective in the classroom. With ListenPoint instructors can have that benefit but they can also plug in any audio device to create a more enriching experience.

“What really sets ListenPoint apart is the M1 – a lightweight, sleek wireless microphone/media interface. The M1 acts as a remote to control for both the M1 and any auxiliary source volume. It can be customized for simple controls, such as activating a projector. You can also connect a laptop or MP3 player directly into the M1 for wireless connectivity to the ListenPoint system.”

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