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PRG Brings L-ISA to XR Aircraft Reveal

When aerospace company Archer unveiled its all-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, Maker, PRG handed the immersive experience, using L-Acoustics' L-ISA technology for the event.

PRG deployed L-ISA technology for Archer’s Maker reveal in Los Angeles
PRG deployed L-ISA technology for Archer’s Maker reveal in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, CA (August 10, 2021)—PRG has started using L-Acoustics L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound Technology as an element in its Los Angeles Virtual Production Studio, which develops multi-sensory immersive experiences. As just one example, at Hawthorne Hangar in Los Angeles, PRG and L-Acoustics worked with aerospace company Archer to deploy binaural sound for the company’s reveal of its all-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, Maker.

“In this deployment, the audience in-person and those at home wearing headphones both experienced live xR and binaural sound in unison, which is a real multi-sensory trip. It gave viewers the same feeling as a theme park ride,” said Jeroen Hallaert, PRG’s vice president, Production Services. “We were able to do that because, beyond the most advanced gear, we also provided technicians that have the expertise in content, lighting, and tech to make these tools work seamlessly together.”

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With the Los Angeles studio, which includes an immersive loudspeaker configuration and processing hardware, PRG will provide the L-ISA Studio software suite to sound creators to design immersive audio with 3D control interface and audio processing. Creators can use L-ISA Studio software from any computer, listen to and prepare their content in binaural sound using headphones, and then bring their creation to the PRG Los Angeles Virtual Production Studio where it will translate to L-ISA hardware.

At the PRG site, the L-ISA system’s sound capability can be paired with PRG’s xR stage, where teams can create and deliver content for virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR) and cinematic reality (CR). Users can generate new environments by bringing digital objects into the physical world and vice versa.