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Familiar Festival Connects via Comms

Riedel Communications and RMi Inc. recently teamed up to deploy intercom systems at a certain popular festival.

Left: Eddie Marquez, CEO of RMi Inc. Right: Jeff Marshall, Chief Technology Officer of RMi Inc.
Left: Eddie Marquez, CEO of RMi Inc. Right: Jeff Marshall, Chief Technology Officer of RMi Inc.

Indio, CA (May 20, 2024)—Riedel Communications and RMi Inc., a Riedel channel partner, recently teamed up to deploy Bolero wireless intercom and Artist digital matrix intercom systems at an event vaguely described to be something akin to, say, Coachella.

Across two consecutive weekends, the festival covered 78 acres and featured multiple stages with simultaneous performances, presenting unique challenges in terms of communication and coordination. Tasked with supporting seven vendors, 28 artists, and three stages, RMi used the Bolero and Artist systems to help keep everything on track.

Eddie Marquez, CEO of RMi and communications director at the event, explained, “The ability to do partial saves per artist saves time. To be able to update on the fly and accommodate a constantly changing environment was essential to the success of the show.”

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The deployment included one Artist-1024 intercom matrix frame, 37 Bolero antennas, 155 Bolero wireless beltpacks, and eight SmartPanels from the RSP-1200 and DSP-2300 series alongside 64 channels of four-wire connected via Dante for a total of 240 ports—all integrated through a network of nine switches.

The team could place Bolero antennas and SmartPanels anywhere across the festival site, requiring only a fiber connection to integrate with the central 2RU Artist frame. This enabled RMi to create a network that supported both AES67 and Dante audio networking standards.