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Metric Halo Brings Fumuj to Deaf

French band Fumuj uses Metric Halo's ULN-8 preamp/interface both live and in the studio.

Hopewell Junction, NY (November 28, 2011)—French band Fumuj uses Metric Halo’s ULN-8 preamp/interface both live and in the studio.

Formed in 2003 in France by drummer Romain Pasquier and bassist Fred Guillon, Fumuj has released three studio albums. Using specially designed LED drums, vibrating towers, inflatable vibration receivers and real-time music-modified video systems, the band’s tour encourages members of the deaf community to attend and participate. Pasquier also moonlights as a sound engineer, recording and mixing for various French post-production facilities.

As the band includes five members, Fumuj’s music is sufficiently complicated that some backing tracks must come off of a DAW when the band plays live. Stems from Ableton Live filter through Metric Halo’s MIO Console software, then to the external world via the Metric Halo ULN-8, where they are mixed with other electronic instruments, such as a Studio Electronic SE-1, an Access Virus and various vintage analog synths. Rather than merely feeding the Midas console’s outputs to the house, several of the signals are first delivered to amps, which gives them a more authentic and lively feel.

“The Metric Halo ULN-8 is tremendously powerful in this capacity,” said Pasquier. “I treat several of the stems with Metric Halo’s Character modeling, which gives them a subtle honesty that helps with the overall mix. In addition, I can use the ULN-8 and MIO Console to record the dry output from the Midas as well as a mastered output using the ULN-8’s onboard DSP. Despite everything that it’s doing, the ULN-8 presents absolutely no perceptible latency and is perfectly reliable. We never deal with bugs or crashes, which is obviously a hugely important factor when taking a piece of gear on stage.”

Pasquier first encountered a Metric Halo interface during the mastering of Fumuj’s second studio album at London mastering house, The Exchange. Now, when in the studio, Fumuj uses the Metric Halo ULN-8 together with Pro Tools, Logic or Digital Performer.

Metric Halo