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Rolling Stones Exhibition Gets Atmos-Infused PMC Setup

'The Rolling Stones – Unzipped' museum exhibition will feature a PMC speaker system to present immersive concert footage.

The Rolling Stones’ 2016 Havana, Cuba show will be remixed in Dolby Atmos on PMC speakers for the finale of the group’s new museum exhibition.
[/media-credit] The Rolling Stones’ 2016 Havana, Cuba show will be remixed in Dolby Atmos on PMC speakers for the finale of the group’s new museum exhibition, The Rolling Stones – Unzipped.

Groningen, Netherlands (September 8, 2020)—The Rolling Stones won’t be hitting the road anytime soon due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but their stuff? That’s another story. The Rolling Stones – Unzipped is a museum exhibition that will kick off its own international tour in November at the Groninger Museum in The Netherlands. Presenting classic moments from the group’s half-century of rocking and shocking, the highlight of the exhibition will be an immersive Dolby Atmos concert experience mixed and played back on a PMC speaker system.

Presented using Dolby Atmos for Music, the exhibition’s finale presentation is the band’s 2016 Latin America tour documentary, Olé, Olé, Olé, and concert footage from the band’s concert in Havana, Cuba. Five large screens will immerse fans, along with an array of PMC’s new Ci140 speakers and as yet unreleased flagship active subwoofers the BST, providing 23 channels of Dolby Atmos soundtrack powered by in excess of 20,000 watts.

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This event marks the first public use of PMC’s Ci series, with the Ci140-XBD, custom designed for the Stones, providing the L, C, R channels. 12 channels of surround and rear effects come from the Ci140 and eight overhead channels feature the Ci65 model. Additional bass support is provided by the new BST active subwoofers.

PMC's Highland Park Atmos Studio
PMC’s Highland Park Atmos Studio will be used for remixing the group’s 2016 Havana concert into Dolby Atmos for Music format.

Prior to the exhibition, PMC is working with the Rolling Stones’ label, Universal Music (UMG), on the remixing of the audio soundtrack into Atmos. This work is being undertaken by Nick Reeves, staff engineer at UMG’s Capitol Studios, Los Angeles, in the PMC equipped Studio C using Dolby’s technology. Additional mixing is taking place at PMC own Dolby Atmos equipped Highland Park Studio in LA, California.

PMC’s Maurice Patist commented, “To be involved in a project like this, with the biggest band in the world, is a major honor for PMC. Our close relationship with UMG and Dolby led to the creation of a state-of-the-art Atmos production studio at Capitol Studios, which is hailed as the reference for this kind of audio mixing.” He continues, “UMG will be mixing the soundtrack at Capitol and also at our own Atmos facility in Highland Park, LA, before it is replayed to the fans at this spectacular exhibition using the same speakers used for the mix. No other speaker system can get the fans nearer to the essence of the band and it is going to be a real treat for visitors.”