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Yamaha Makes Inroads at The Ark

Growing mega-church standardizes on Yamaha consoles.

Conroe, TX (February 20, 2019)—The Ark Church in Conroe, TX probably can’t hold two of everything, but it might get close. Able to seat 2,600 people at a time—a necessity given its 10,000-member congregation—the house of worship provides extensive contemporary devotional music at weekly and Night of Worship services, provided by nine musicians and vocalists.

To ensure that everyone can hear every note, Sound Productions (Irving, TX) recently installed a new Yamaha Rivage PM7 console, as part of a larger production update that included new wireless mics and IEMs, as well as lighting control and fixtures

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Chris Allgood, technical director at The Ark, noted, “As we are in the beginning stages of a 50,000-square-foot youth and kids’ addition to our existing building, we were also looking to take one platform across five auditoriums. It makes training for volunteers less of a headache. We looked at every brand and model available and settled on the Yamaha Rivage PM7.”

Yamaha systems application specialist, Kevin Kimmel, trained the qualified professional media staff. Caleb Hendrick is The Ark Church Audio Director with volunteers working all auditoriums and venues outside of the main auditorium.

The Ark Church will be adding Yamaha CL desks with Rio units into its new auditoriums, and the decision to standardize on Yamaha desks in general was partially informed by positive experiences with two desks the Ark already owns—a pair of LS9-32 consoles.

Allgood noted the previous LS desks “have been solid, and with that history along with the reliability of the Yamaha brand, it made the PM7 stand out. I was looking for a solid desk with an I/O count that could provide for future growth. The TWINLANe networking along with Dante capability gives us a lot of future growth potential. The sonic quality of the desk is incredible…we had to completely retune our entire room to really take advantage of the warmth.”

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