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2021 Film Sound Awards Timelines


PHOTO: Getty Images/Scott Olson/Staff

Eligibility periods for film submission and rules regarding film distribution mostly went by the wayside this year, as all organizations had to adjust their rules and requirements in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Here are important dates to keep in mind:


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences will present the 93rd annual Oscars on April 25, 2021. Details and format are still being worked out.

February 1: Preliminary voting begins

February 5: Preliminary voting ends

March 5: Nominations voting begins

March 10: Nominations voting ends

March 15: Oscar Nominations Announcement

April 15: Finals voting begins

April 20: Finals Voting Ends

April 25: Oscars Telecast



The 57th annual CAS Awards, which will take place April 17, 2021, in Los Angeles. expanded its eligibility window for motion pictures to February 28, 2021, with theatrical motion pictures that had a previously planned theatrical release but were initially made available on commercial streaming or VOD service qualifying under certain circumstances. Please see Awards Entry and Voting Rules for details

February 11: Nomination Ballot Voting Begins

February 24: Nomination Ballot Voting Ends

March 2: Final Nominees Announced

March 25: Final Voting Begins 

April 6: Final Voting Ends

April 17: 57th Annual CAS Awards



The 68th annual MPSE Golden Reel Awards will be held on April 18, 2021, with format and announcements still under discussion.

February 1: Nomination Voting Opens

February 19: Nomination Voting Ends

March 1: Nominations Announced

March 1: Final Voting Opens

April 12: Final Voting Ends

April 18: MPSE Golden Reel Awards