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Voting Timelines 2021: Oscars, MPSE, CAS Awards

Find out the voting timelines for all the major awards this season right here!

Academy, MPSE, CAS AwardsThe Oscars for Best Sound, Best Original Score and Best Song became part of the “Shortlist” process this year; voters will get to winnow the field down from 10 potential nominees in Sound and 15 each in Score and Song.

Members of the individual branches in the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences will be voting based a “Shortlist” of nominees in the categories Best Sound (10 nominees), Best Original Score (15 nominees) and Best Original Song (15 nominees). Those Shortlist finalists were announced on December 21, and on January 27 will be voted on by Academy members when Final Nominations Voting opens.

In the meantime, don’t forget these important dates coming up for nominations and voting in multiple categories for the Oscars, MPSE Golden Reel Awards and Cinema Audio Society Awards


12/10/21          Preliminary voting begins

12/15/21          Preliminary voting ends

12/21/21          Oscar Shortlists Announcement

  • 10 nominees in Best Sound
  • 15 nominees in Best Original Score
  • 15 nominees in Best Original Song

12/31/21          Eligibility period ends

01/27/22          Nominations voting begins

02/01/22          Nominations voting ends

02/08/22          Oscar Nominations Announcement

03/17/22          Finals voting begins

03/22/22          Finals voting ends

03/27/22          94th Oscars Telecast



12/20/20          Nomination voting begins

01/17/22          Nomination voting ends

01/24/22          Nominees announce

01/31/22          Blue Ribbon voting begins

03/04/22          Blue Ribbon voting ends

03/13/22          69th Golden Reel Awards



12/21/21          Entry Submissions due

01/06/22          Nomination Ballot Voting Begins

01/18/22          Nomination Ballot Voting Ends

01/25/22          Final Nominees announced

02/24/22          Final Voting Begins

03/08/22          Final Voting Ends

03/19/22          58th Annual CAS Awards