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Antelope Audio Launches Vintage EQs for Orion32+ Thunderbolt Interface

Antelope Audio announces the launch of four new classic hardware-based vintage EQs, designed expressly for its Orion32+ Thunderbolt interface: VEQ-1A, VMEQ-5, VEQ-55 and BAE 1073. The new EQs, which are available now at no charge to new and existing Orion32+ owners, are based on the company’s proprietary Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology, promising near-zero latency performance, and are designed to behave like their hardware counterparts. 

By implementing the Orion32+ latest driver updates on the Antelope Website, users can gain access to an exclusive set of hardware-based vintage gear, and expand a device’s functionality. For example, Orion32+ can be controlled from several different computers on the same network, which can be advantageous while working in multi-room facilities or other scenarios. Also, a new system update allows users to detach and rearrange panels on the software interface.

The VEQ-1A EQ is based on a 60-year-old passive tube EQ. Unlike the original hardware version, the VEQ-1A can be used in stereo link mode to reproduce a tight stereo image. It also offers the ability to simultaneously cut and boost the same frequency.  

The VMEQ-5 excels in midrange frequencies, featuring two peak bands and a dip control. By adjusting these controls, users can add an “analog punch” to vocals, synths or guitars. It can also be applied to a snare drum track, or to clean up otherwise muddy-sounding midrange.

The VEQ-55 EQ is able to emphasize details in the mix, while adding body and sheen to instruments like guitar, bass or drums.

With the BAE 1073, users have access to a large console sound of the ’70s in a pristine, digital format. A truly versatile EQ, the BAE 1073 works equally well across classical, to rock and pop and calls out that instantly recognizable, warm and punchy sound.

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