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Bestec Audio Distributes Dolby Loudspeakers in Japan

Bestec Audio, headquartered in Tokyo with a branch office in Osaka, is now the exclusive distributor of Dolby Laboratories’ digital loudspeaker products in Japan. Bestec Audio has performed major sound equipment installations at the Hyogo Performing Arts Center, Shibuya-AX, a popular music venue, and the Kawagoe Citizen Hall.

Since their appointment, Bestec Audio has already added Treasure Island Corp., Delta Onkyo and Kentech, among others, to the list of Lake Contour and Mesa Quad EQ clients in Japan. Lake processors are also used regularly by Shiki Theatre Company, a musical and play production company in Japan, as well as a number of P.A. rental companies, including ARTE, Hibino Corporation, SeptOne, Tokyo Sanko, and Two Mix.

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