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Blue Announces Reduced Pricing for Ball Series Microphones

Blue Microphones has set a new $99 price point for its Ball Series microphones: the Snowball, 8-Ball, Kickball and the original Ball microphone.

The Snowball USB microphone has a universal Mac/PC driver and offers plug-and-play USB compatibility. In the Snowball’s dual-capsule design, one capsule is tailored for vocals and the other for instruments. The 8-Ball is a cardioid condenser microphone featuring Blue’s highly regarded Class-A discrete low-noise amplifier circuit for a smooth frequency response. The Kickball is a specially designed low-frequency microphone featuring a 3-position bass frequency switch allowing three distinct low-frequency equalization curves. The original Ball phantom-powered dynamic microphone has a mid-range presence and is capable of handling extremely high sound pressure levels without distortion.

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