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Cakewalk Project5™ Version 2 Performance Workstation

Cakewalk has announced the Project5 Version 2 performance workstation. The next-generation of the Project5 open studio environment features a streamlined design, optimized for immediacy for both studio and stage.

The Project5 soft-synth workstation was introduced in 2003; version 1 delivered an open synth host that combined live input MIDI recording, pattern based sequencing and ACID loop support along with a variety of synths and samplers.

Project5 Version 2 sports a streamlined user interface with all views and tools integrated to provide the most intuitive workflow possible. In addition, its audio engine has been customized to stand up to the real-time rigors of live performance.

Multitrack audio recording and editing tools have been incorporated, providing all the tools you need to take projects from inspiration to completion. Real-time, per-track pattern triggering pads have been integrated into Project5’s workspace. Other features include loop reconstruction, a dynamic argeggiator, multi-mode sampling synthesizer and enhancements such as freeze, tap tempo, track inspector view, in-track automation, drag and drop patterns between plug-ins and Project5, more.

Project5 Version 2 has an MSRP of $429 U.S. and will be available in April 2005. For more information, visit

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