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Calrec Unveils Brio Compact Broadcast Console

At the 2016 NAB Show Calrec unveiled its new Brio compact digital broadcast audio console. At 892mm wide, Brio’s configurable control surface offers 36 dual-layer faders and has the smallest surface among Calrec’s Bluefin2 product family. Its 15.6-inch HD touchscreen is accompanied by illuminating hardware rotary controls for fast and precise control over the parameters displayed.

Brio has analog and digital I/O and GPIO built into its surface. Additional expansion I/O slots allow for further I/O integration, while fitting an available Hydra2 module makes it possible to connect to and share audio over Calrec’s Hydra2 network.

Connecting to Hydra2 allows broadcasters to take advantage of Hydra2’s sophisticated management facilities for network-wide control, including interfacing with multiple video- and audio-over-IP networks such as SMPTE 2022, Dante, AES67, Ravenna, and SoundGrid. Calrec states that multiformat support protects the system against any future formats that emerge and allows the console to sit on multiple networks simultaneously if desired.

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