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Cherub: Live Sound And Samples

Engineer Hunter Gifford mixed FOH and monitors for electro-pop/rock group Cherub on the band’s recent fall tour, using a DigiCo SD9 for the house and an iPad-controlled Behringer X32 core onstage.

“Onstage, the monitor console is sending three stereo in-ear mixes: one wired to Nick [Curtis] the drummer, and the additional two are sent to our Shure PSM 1000 wireless in-ear system—one to Jason [Huber] the bassist and the second is sent out as our ‘crew mix’ that is set up for our guitar and drum tech to monitor the show side-stage,” says Gifford.

“We are also sending six stage mixes to our DAS M12A monitors and an additional mix sent to a QSC KW181 sub,” Gifford continues. “In the same case that holds the X32 core and PSM1000 is a pair of Apollo 16 interfaces that connect to our rackmounted Mac Pro tower that runs our Ableton session. We also use a True Sound Precision 8 preamp for vocals and assorted drum channels that resides in this rack.”

Hunter Gifford

Gifford describes the tour as generally “self-contained” other than their P.A.s, which are house-provided. They are carrying a full mic package. “For lead vocals, we utilize the Shure ULXDQ receiver and a base of a wireless 58 that we have replaced with a Telefunken M80 capsules; essentially making wireless M80s,” he says. “Telefunkens are some of my favorite mics to work with; we have an M80 on the backing vocals and an M81 on the lead guitarist Jordan [Kelly]’s amp.”

Triggered sounds are also integral to Cherub’s live set. “In front of Jason, the true conductor of Cherub as a live band, is an Akia MPD that controls the Ableton session; he can cue tracks, start click, and send various audio samples. To his side is a set of electronic drum pads that can be set to a variety of different audio samples. The drum kit is also a trigger kit, fit with mesh heads. We are able to [add] the drum samples used in the studio to the live show experience.”