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Coming in May: Helios Consoles!

At the January NAMM show, Nashville raconteur and man about town, Pepper Denny of Pepper’s Pro Shop, pulled us aside and said, “I just got this console to broker. A Helios. The biggest one ever built. It’s in crates right now here in L.A. You have to come see it.” It turns out that it is one of the three original boards built by Dick Swettenham for Richard Branson’s mini studio empire at Virgin. Denny is reconditioning and selling the one that went to the famous Manor Studios outside of London. Along the way we found that the other two built for Branson—one for Townhouse and one for his mobile unit—are also in the States. The mobile desk is at Danny White’s 16 Ton studio in Nashville, while the Townhouse desk is at Shore Fire in New Jersey, a facility owned by Joe De Maio. Plus, we talk to David M. Gordon of Josephson Engineering, the guy who brought the Manor board to the States originally.

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