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Crowley and Tripp Announces Proprietary Roswellite Material

Ribbon microphone manufacturer Crowley and Tripp announced that it will introduce a ribbon microphone at the 123rd AES convention in New York City that uses its proprietary Roswellite™ advanced material as the ribbon element. “The invention of Roswellite is definitely a breakthrough, and could replace the traditional aluminum leaf used in ribbon mics,” says co-founder Bob Crowley. “It would be hard to accept ‘foils’ after seeing what we have done.”

Roswellite was developed at Soundwave Research Laboratories Inc. in Ashland, Mass. Crowley and Tripp hold patents and have additional U.S., European and Far East patents pending covering their proprietary Supermatter™ advanced materials and Roswellite™ advanced materials.

According to Crowley and Tripp, the new nanotechnology-based materials exhibit properties that have previously not been possible with conventional composites and alloys. Roswellite is said to be a unique acoustic nanomaterial that has numerous applications in medical ultrasound and sound recording equipment, such as ribbon microphones, which the company currently manufactures in its U.S. facility. Crowley and Tripp Microphones, along with Soundwave Research Laboratories, will commercialize certain products containing the technology and offer licenses to the technology, supply agreements, and other rights to qualified manufacturers.

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