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A-Designs Audio Adds ‘Thru’ Input to REDDI DI Box

A-Designs Audio has enhanced the REDDI ($795) all-tube direct box by adding a 1/4-inch Thru jack on the front panel.

“The fact that the original REDDI didn’t have a Thru wasn’t a design flaw; it was simply a way to educate the customer and encourage them to use the REDDI as a stand-alone unit without placing a microphone on the amplifier,” says A-Designs Audio president Peter Montessi. “We wanted people to hear the rich, full tone the REDDI produces. However, we’ve always prided ourselves as a company that listens to its customers and incorporates constructive input, so this is a direct result of exactly that.”

The new version of the REDDI now features a 1/4-inch Switchcraft input jack on the faceplate that replaces the heavy-duty power toggle switch, which has been relocated to the product’s rear panel.

The enhanced REDDI continues to feature a Neutrik Combo XLR 1/4-inch input connector, balanced XLR output connector, rotary-level knob and blue LED power indicator on its faceplate in addition to the new Thru jack. Aside from the on/off power switch’s new placement, the rear panel likewise continues to feature a ground-lift switch and IEC AC power connector.

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