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Dolby Lake in Capitol Nightclub

Washington, D.C.–based nightclub Ibiza has opened with a $500,000 sound system, designed and installed by Adam Weiner and Bill McClure of ITI Audio (Washington, D.C.) that incorporates four Dolby Lake Processors providing six-way crossover filtering and loudspeaker optimization.

The AES bus and routing matrix of the Dolby Lake Processors are additionally being used to feed the outputs from four separate DJ booths to any combination of four rooms at the 30,000-square-foot club, which features stainless-steel and glass decor, waterfalls, V.I.P. terraces and a wall of 50,000 LEDs on the main 100×70-foot dancefloor.

According to Weiner, a touring front-of-house engineer who has been using the processor since the Lake Contour was introduced nearly four years ago, the Dolby Lake Processors are able to tame the less-than-ideal acoustics and 2.5-second RT60 of the warehouse-like club space. “The processor gives us filters that can take out such precise areas of problematic frequency content that we can make it sound good. The problems that can be fixed with the Dolby Lake Processors are problems that couldn’t be corrected with some other products,” says Weiner.

The multipurpose sound system was designed for both DJ and live use—the first live event was a campaign fundraiser by Hillary Clinton with guest artist Mya performing in early September—and comprises Martin Audio W8LC compact line arrays. “The installation was a piece of cake,” Weiner reports. “We expected to be in there for a day just getting filters sorted out, but we loaded up the preset Martin Audio provided for the Dolby Lake Processor and it sounded pretty great out of the box. We just made some minor adjustments, mostly on the parametric EQ on the master. Everybody that has heard it says that they like it.”

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