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Energy and Excitement on Display at InfoComm 2021

David Labuskes, CEO of AVIXA, shares insights and observations on the state of the industry at InfoComm.

David Labuskes
David Labuskes, CEO of AVIXA.

“I couldn’t be more excited,” says David Labuskes, CEO of AVIXA, about this year’s InfoComm.

After two and a half years of virtual engagements, InfoComm 2021 is back in person. Exhibitors and attendees are eager to demo new gear, learn, share and make new connections. It’s no stretch to say that InfoComm 2021—with AVIXA’s mission to enable exceptional AV and integrated experiences—will reinvigorate the entire industry.

Excitement and Joy: “The people who are in Orlando to experience InfoComm 2021 have made conscious efforts to come together,” Labuskes says. “We will sense the excitement. We will learn about new opportunities, see innovations, reconnect with old friends, and hear a ton of new stories.”

Enhanced Programming: The full suite of AV/IT education, training, and certifications are being offered. New products are on display from exhibitors who have been investing heavily in research and development during a time when AV has proven its value in keeping companies running during the global pandemic.

AI-equipped AV, next-level AV-over-IP topographies, and platforms for hybrid environments are just a few leading trends at the show.

Context: To truly put AV in context, it’s critical to experience it in person. “We’re able to hear loudspeakers, see displays in person, test gear, and meet with engineers,” says Labuskes. “We are having richer conversations. When was last time you’ve been able to have 10, 20, 30, 40 conversations with human beings, face- to-face, without headsets on or without a small box with their name in the bottom right corner?”

To say that “adaptation” has been a theme during the pandemic is an understatement. Labuskes stresses the importance of gathering in person to learn how other AV pros have weathered the COVID storm. “We’re going to hear about how people solved problems innovatively over the last two years,” he says.

InfoComm’s Labuskes: Together At Last

Resilient Industry: While some market segments are vital and thriving, others are regaining momentum. Supply chain issues remain, but demand remains high. Labuskes is “absolutely confident” about the bright future of pro AV.

Reconnecting is a key part of the industry’s continued resilience. “All of us have adapted, all of us have found new ways of working, all of us have learned new skills, but all of us miss being together,” he says.

Broader Ecosystem: AV stakeholders are flocking to Orlando to spark conversations with colleagues in allied fields. Designers, architects, events and facilities experts, and content creators have been making their way to InfoComm in higher numbers in recent years. “These are opportunities that just didn’t exist before,” Labuskes says. Companies are exploring big questions: What will the workplace look like in 2022 and beyond? “This is uncharted territory,” he says. InfoComm is the place to find crucial insights.

Celebrations: Virtual engagements—facilitated and supported by AVIXA members—kept the world turning during the pandemic. Still, there’s a reason why live events remain popular.

“There are some things that can only happen face-to-face,” Labuskes notes. “Almo is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. There are networking events. Crestron will be celebrating the legacy of Fred Bargetzi, who is the recipient of this year’s Mackey Barron Distinguished Achievement Award. We’ll honor him and the all of the winners of AVIXA’s AV Professional Awards on Thursday at 4 p.m. at the Technology Innovations Stage.” Add to that Tweet Ups, golf, dinner receptions, after parties, the AVIXA Women’s Council, the AVIXA Diversity Council, and the HETMA Banquet, and InfoComm 2021 is filled with priceless opportunities.

Peace of Mind: With comprehensive protocols in place, InfoComm exhibitors and attendees can see that AVIXA is taking health and safety seriously. Workers at the Orange County Convention Center have been vaccinated. Masks are mandated. The CLEAR Health Pass app allows for expedited entry. Download the InfoComm app, and check and to view the COVID data tracker and other helpful information.