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Fox Rox With Millennia Media

Fox Channel 6 engineers Mike Klowas (left) and Sean Dailey

Fox Channel 6 in San Diego, Calif., recently installed Millennia HD-3D mic preamplifiers and TD-1 channel strips for its Emmy Award–winning live music show Fox Rox.

“These preamps are insane!” enthuses engineer Sean Dailey. “With the same mics, we are hearing things we have never heard before. We are hearing harmonics, higher and lower frequencies that just were not getting to the mixer before Millennia Media.”

“When we crack open the mics on the mixer now, our jaws just drop,” says engineer Mike Klowas. “Vocals through our Audix OM7s are so detailed and have such sparkle that the mics sound like large-diaphragm studio mics now.

“The amount of information coming off the mic is huge. What is literally produced by the singer is heard; it sounds as if the singer is standing next to you. We can actually lower volume levels and still get a better sound now, which is critical when recording to digital videotape.

“There’s also less need for EQ to make the instruments mix together,” Klowas continues. “The wide-open sound allows the various instrument frequencies to mix naturally.

“A band came in a few shows back, set up and noticed problems with the bass cab. It had a bad connection inside the cabinet itself. We were running out of time to go get it fixed. The head amp did have a DI out, but these are notoriously problematic. Noisy, ground loops, overdriven sound, et cetera. So miking the cab was out, DI out of the head was not a great choice. So I pulled out the TD-1, plugged it in and we were in business.”

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