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Free Webcast! Guitar Tone Reimagined: Celestion SpeakerMix Pro

Special one-hour presentation to feature discussion on dynamic speaker response in software.

On January 12, 2021, Mix will host a free Webcast entitled Guitar Tone Reimagined: Celestion SpeakerMix Pro, sponsored by Celestion.

Celestion, known as the “King of Tone” for its celebrated, nearly 100-year history of building loudspeakers, has spent the past few decades or so devoted to supplying speaker drive units to the guitar amp and Professional Audio industry and more recently guitar speaker emulation. Now the company is set to launch its first plug-in, SpeakerMix Pro, where users can dial in response characteristics of the Blue, Greenback, Vintage 30 or other speaker models and mix the results in a simple 6-channel, embedded mix panel.

In this special Mix Webinar, moderated by Mix Editor Tom Kenny, we’ll discuss:

SpeakerMix Pro

• The World of Digital tone and how it has developed at Celestion since the introduction of  Impulse Response in 2017

• The decision to make a plug-in

• The convolution process, and how it differs from traditional methods in SpeakerMix Pro

• The use of traditional Impulse Responses

• Why SpeakerMix Pro is different from any other plug-in on the market

 Dynamic Speaker Response

• How DSR improves on Impulse Responses

• Key differences between Impulse Response and Dynamic Speaker Response

• Generation of Harmonics

• The correlation between Gain and Feel

• Input gain and Power

• Producing your own DSRs