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FREE WEBINAR! Dolby Atmos Workflow: Audio Track Management and Delivery

In Part 1 of this Immersive Sound Webinar series, Cheryl Ottenritter, owner and lead sound designer/re-recording mixer at Ott House in the Washington, D.C., area, detailed the design/build of two mid-size Dolby Atmos-equipped post-production studios—one in her new Silver Springs facility and the second in her home. The two facilities communicate through new streaming technologies, providing efficient means of track approval for clients and collaborators.

Here, Ottenritter describes her workflow for projects requiring Dolby Atmos deliverables, from sound creation through editing, mixing and multi-format delivery. Using a recent Sundance documentary as an example, Ottenritter details the production techniques involved in creating dialog, effects and music stems for 7.1.4 re-recording and distribution, along with simultaneous 5.1 and stereo mixes, with an emphasis on quality and efficiency.

This Webinar will provide a comprehensive, detailed approach from start to finish, including screen samples, system layout and audio playback.

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