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Audio Animals Debuts Dolby Atmos Room

Online mixing and mastering studio Audio Animals installed PMC monitors in its new Dolby Atmos studio.

Audio AnimalsLondon, UK (November 1, 2021)—After visiting PMC Studio London, cousins and engineers Paul Ashmore and Nick Burchall, owners of online mixing and mastering specialists Audio Animals, installed the manufacturer’s monitors in their new Dolby Atmos studio.

The company’s owners, cousins and engineers Paul Ashmore and Nick Burchall, ordered a PMC system comprising 15 Ci Series monitors. These have now been installed in 9.1.4 configuration that fully meets Dolby’s specification for its Atmos immersive audio format.

Established in 2012, London-based Audio Animals provides mixing and mastering to artists around the world, including artists such as French Montana, Flo Rida and George Ezra, as well as Hollywood films such as Aladdin, X-Men, Frozen 2 and Avengers 4: End Game.

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Part of the decision came down to the size and shallow depth of the Ci Series product range. The pair have installed 15 Ci Series monitors in a 9.1.4 configuration.

“I needed to ensure that our new room met all the required Dolby Atmos measurements and specifications,” he explains. “The Ci Series was perfect for our room because they aren’t as deep as speakers that sit onto stands, so we were able to build more acoustic treatment into our walls. They also look amazing and with the wall mounted speakers, plus two Ci 140 subs either side of the center speaker, you have a seven-speaker wall of sound in front of you that has some serious punch.”

Audio Animals spent two weeks on the studio build and the room is now up and running.