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Hummingbird Productions in Nashville Creates Song for Krystal Restaurants

Hummingbird Productions in Nashville, a leading producer of original music and sound design for the advertising industry, announces that it contributed an original song to a new regional campaign promoting Krystal Restaurants. a fast food chain headquartered in Atlanta. The song can be heard in three new, 30-second TV spots in regional markets across the Southeastern U.S.

The announcement was made today by Bob Farnsworth, CEO, founder, and creative director of Hummingbird Productions.

Hummingbird’s client for the new Krystal campaign was MARC USA, an advertising, marketing and communications agency in Chicago.

For the campaign, Hummingbird produced a new song titled “Oh…Let’s Krystal”, written by Casey Cornett and Ryan Sutton. Each of the spots features voice-over work from country music artist Andy Griggs.

“Bob and the folks at Hummingbird were brilliant partners in the development of the music for this campaign,” says Joe Burke, Chief Creative Officer of MARC USA. “They gave us so many options and different ways to come at it throughout the process, finally landing on the piece that wound up in the spots. As soon as we heard it, we knew it was perfect. It got in everyone’s head so quickly and stayed with us the whole time.”

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