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Mix Nashville Preview: Mix Translation—From Studio to Binaural to Streamer to Home

Mix Nashville will feature a slew of pros sharing insights -- here's a preview of the 'Mix Translation—From Studio to Binaural to Streamer to Home' panel!

Mix Translation—From Studio to Binaural to Streamer to Home

Nashville, TN (April 19, 2024)—Mix Nashville: Immersive Music Production returns to Music City on Saturday, May 11, 2024 with a passel of panels presented by pros! Here’s a look at just one of them—the Mix Translation panel—giving you an idea of what—and who—to expect. Don’t miss this stellar day of insights from the pros—and the evening studio crawl through Berry Hill’s best facilities!



Mix Translation—From Studio to Binaural to Streamer to Home

We start with the assumption that there is a final, master, future-proof version of the immersive mix, at the highest sample rate and bit depth, ideally created in a studio with speakers. And that the end goal is to bring listeners, whether in a car, sitting in a high-end home theater or laying on the couch with headphones on, as close as possible to that experience. Immersive music distribution and playback poses entirely new, and sometimes maddening, challenges for mix and mastering engineers, while at the same time opening up tremendous, all-new creative possibilities. Here, engineers discuss the tips and techniques they’ve developed to help ensure that consumers experience a quality immersive mix.

MODERATOR: F. Reid Shippen, producer/mixer/engineer, Robot Lemon

Rob Burrell, mix engineerRob Burrell is a four-time Grammy Award-winning engineer based out of Nashville. Mixing out of his private space, emotionmix studios, his sonic diversity over 25 years spans multiple genres, label and independent artists, film, TV and video games. Ever embracing new frontiers for musical expression through technology, Burrell started his journey into immersive mixing and mastering four years ago and has found it offers a new palette of possibilities to himself and the artists that he serves.

Adam Grover, mastering engineer, Sterling Sound — Adam Grover is a Grammy-nominated mastering engineer at Sterling Sound. His eclectic discography includes projects with Zach Bryan, Stephen Sanchez, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Surfaces, Joy Oladokun, Shaboozey, Jeris Johnson, and Maggie Lindemann. Adam leads Sterling Sound’s spatial audio offerings in Nashville. In the last year, he has mastered spatial audio projects for Billy Joel, Lenny Kravitz, Residente, Wyatt Flores, Lil Tjay, Halestorm, and more. Adam is a graduate of the Hart School of Music, where he studied music production and French horn.