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JASS Supplies DK Meters With Volume Control to ClearCut

JASS, a UK systems integration company, has plans to install DK Technologies’ PT0660M stereo and surround sound meters into two of ClearCut Pictures’ dubbing suites.

“We specified DK’s PTO660M meters because their in-built volume level control gives operators the ability to control the level of their output source to the active speakers in each dubbing theatre,” says JASS president Joe Couto. “Both rooms are equipped with ProTools and Pro Control and these units perfectly complement that set-up by augmenting Pro Control’s lack of AES/Multichannel monitoring capabilities.”

The PT0660M accepts up to 32 input signals and has four configurable input slots and four output slots. Available modules include analogue, AES3, SD-SDI, and HD formats. The units JASS has installed are both configured with two standard input and one output module.

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