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JBL Launches CBT Series Column Loudspeaker

New Flagship JBL CBT1000 is the next generation of adjustable coverage passive column array loudspeakers featuring patented Constant Beamwidth Technology.

At InfoComm 2016, JBL by Harman introduced the CBT1000 series adjustable coverage column array loudspeaker (price TBA). The CBT1000 is an extension of JBL’s CBT (Constant Beamwidth Technology) column array loudspeaker line, offering substantially greater output, deeper bass response and more advanced adjustability of the coverage pattern than was previously possible.

The CBT1000 full-range cabinet and CBT1000E extension cabinet provide versatile, adjustable vertical pattern selections for aligning the coverage to the geometry of a room. Independent selection of four “pattern up” coverage angles and four “pattern down” coverage angles combine to provide 16 different vertical coverage combinations. In its asymmetrical settings, CBT1000 reportedly sends more sound toward the far listeners, helping to counteract sound level differences between near are far listeners, while simultaneously being capable of providing smooth down-fill that doesn’t overpower those in the front. In the horizontal plane, the system’s patent-pending horizontal gradient waveguide provides tapered coverage to reach the front and rear corners of the room while minimizing over-splash. Combined with a bass response below 40 Hz, the CBT1000 system provides excellent, clear and powerful full-bandwidth coverage of a room from a single loudspeaker.

Twelve 6½-inch high-excursion, low frequency drivers and 24 high-power tweeters give the CBT1000 line array system the capability of delivering 130 dB continuous output with 3000 watts of power handling for high output applications. The CBT1000 series is designed to offer a single speaker solution for venues that might otherwise use larger point-and-shoot speakers. It incorporates technical advancements that provide a level of user friendliness that simplifies the challenges of delivering great sound. 

JBL’s patented Constant Beamwidth Technology provides smooth and even sound dispersion by locking in and maintaining a specific coverage over a very wide bandwidth. The CBT1000 models deliver smooth, consistent coverage that is similar to complex and far more expensive line arrays. With the CBT Series, every seat in the house experiences the same quality of sound.

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