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JET Club Brings in EAW

The new JET Nightclub at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas offers a sound reinforcement system featuring EAW Avalon Series loudspeakers. Within a 15,000-square-foot space, JET is outfitted with high-end entertainment technology in each of its three distinct rooms, which are discretely fed hip hop, rock and house music. As he’s done with numerous cutting-edge club sound designs, John Lyons, president of design/build firm John Lyons Systems, chose to head the JET system with EAW Avalon Series loudspeakers, which he originally co-designed with the EAW engineering team.

The two entities again teamed up on a hybrid custom loudspeaker design called the Avalon DCX. Specifically, the DCX marries elements of standard Avalon DC1 and DC2 models with EAW’s revolutionary Concentric Summation Array (CSA) technology that employs several patented concepts—including precise low- to mid-pattern control matching and the Radial Phase Plug—to deliver symmetrical off-axis response that’s extremely smooth and predictable in vertical and horizontal planes. The DCX also offers a new enclosure shape and grille.

At JET, a total of six DCX boxes are flown alongside the main dance floor, accompanied by eight EAW Avalon DCS2 dual 12-inch loaded subwoofers that provide pulsing low-frequency energy. Built into soffits, the DSC2 subwoofers are arranged in banks of four that are positioned on each long side of the dancefloor.

Off the dancefloor, 36 EAW custom JL12 custom 12-inch coaxial ceiling loudspeakers are installed over the two bar areas to provide distributed coverage in the main room, and they’re also used as the main P.A. in both of the club’s side rooms. The main room DJ booth monitoring system includes two Avalon DC4s and an EAW SB250 subwoofer, as well as a new Mackie d.2 DJ mixer.

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