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KEL Audio HM-2d

KEL Audio has announced the HM-2d ($149) large diaphragm condenser mic. It features a specially tuned capsule and circuit to produce a frequency response that is said to vary only about 2 dB over most of its range to produce a tight, full-sounding sonic profile that is free of the peaks and thin sound associated with many budget condenser mics and dynamic sound reinforcement mics.

KEL Audio recommends the HM-2d for rock and roots vocals, guitar amps, piano, outside kick drum miking, harmonica, horns and more.

The HM-2d requires 48 volts of phantom power and features a 1-inch externally biased center-terminated capsule and supercardioid polar pattern. Its stated frequency response is 30-16k Hz and self-noise is ≤14 dBA, sensitivity is rated -35dB, ±2dB (0dB=1V/Pa), and it handles 135dB SPLs at 1 k-ohm. Impedance is 200 ohms.

The manufacturer is offering a pre-order price of $129 until September 30.

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