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Klotz Digital AEON Software Version 2, VADIS 212

Klotz Digital announced Version 2 of its AEON software. In addition, all Klotz Digital AEON audio-networking consoles are now shipped based on the new VADIS 212 router and control engine.

Using the User Rights Management tool, operators can create user groups with individually assigned user rights. The user groups are password protected against unauthorized access. Individuals can have the right to change console adjustments according to their level of training, such as selection of sources to faders, channel presets, storage of snapshots and more. The AEON Setup Tool (AST) has also been improved. Clean feed buses can be changed individually on the console, as well as switching of panorama/balance and pre-/post-fader, allowing flexibility in creating return signals. AST offers access to the specification of the AES output stream format, enabling the user to choose between professional and consumer formats. The GPI management has been enhanced by providing a trigger action during system start-up to perform macro-programmed actions such as routings and GPIs. Additionally, the monitoring section has been improved for extending talkback features. Version 2 also supports Klotz Digital’s CMI GPI 16 as an external device to control and tie in additional devices, expanding the number of GPIs to a total of 24.

In addition, AEON is based on the new VADIS 212 router, which promises silent operation. It features a fanless architecture and PSU that is installed at the front panel of the frame. Due to the integration of the PSU, frame size has been reduced to three rackspaces. A redundant PSU is also available. All essential components can be replaced during operation using Klotz Digital’s hot-swap technology.

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