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Les Luthiers Performs With EAW Help

P.A. hire company Pronorte Sonido (Asturias, Spain) supplied EAW KF730 compact line arrays as part of a complete sound reinforcement system for recent concert performances in Madrid by Argentinian comedy/musical group Les Luthiers.

Miguel Zagorodny of Buenos Aires, sound technician for Les Luthiers over the past 10-plus years, worked with Pronorte to formulate an L/C/R main loudspeaker rigs. “Usually, we tour with the larger EAW KF760 larger-format line arrays, but the lesser scale of the Palacio Municipal made the KF730 the optimum choice to meet all of our sound reinforcement goals,” Zagorodny says.

This marks the fifth consecutive time Pronorte has been selected to provide the system and support for Les Luthiers in Spain. As Pronorte director José Javier García explains, “Miguel [Zagorodny] is a very exacting sound technician, with a great deal of experience. He’s studied all of the top loudspeaker systems available, so he is obviously quite pleased with EAW supplied by Pronorte. The system is quick and efficient to install, has an exceptionally natural midrange and is very predictable to adjust, providing Miguel with more time to work on microphone issues with voices and the unusual assortment of instruments.”

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