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Montreal-Based Le Group Adds Midas, Klark Teknik to Inventory

Le Groupe Berger (

Le Groupe Berger ( a Midas Heritage 4000™ to its equipment inventory.

Telex Pro Audio Group manufacturer’s representatives Acoustik GE Inc. worked with Berger on the sale. Acoustik GE president Gilles Elhadad reported, “We are pleased to have assisted such a distinguished client in finding the right addition to their list of consoles. Due to Midas’ ‘rider-friendly’ brand recognition around the globe, along with the Heritage 4000’s extreme versatility and vast feature set, we found a worthy solution for Le Groupe Berger’s needs.

“As a point of interest, it’s worth noting that Quebec has the highest concentration of digital consoles per capita worldwide: 36 consoles for a population of 6 million. With this many digital consoles in the area, it’s a challenge to convince area dealers to stay analog. Digital might be the buzzword, but that doesn’t necessarily deliver on the sound quality and intuitive, responsive controls that are so important to many sound engineers.”

According to Berger’s Stephane Berger, “Working with Midas puts us in a position to accommodate acts from around the world who might not be familiar with digital technologies. The proliferation of digital consoles in Quebec has, if anything, brought to attention how many engineers prefer the analog sound and proven durability of Midas: It’s either specified on their riders or there are never any complaints when they see what we have for them. The Heritage 4000 brings a new level of utility to the analog enthusiast. The busing flexibility and sheer amount of mixes available on the H4k simply puts it in a different class to any digital console available, all in one unit, combining the best in analog warmth with digitally assisted operation.”

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