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One Systems SF-4 Analog Highpass Filter System

One Systems’ SF-4 analog highpass filter system is a line level device designed for public address or sound reinforcement systems immediately prior to the main system’s amplifier.

The SF-4 features very high-quality balanced input and output circuitry, with controls located on the rear panel to prevent tampering. It also features a multi-voltage switchable power supply for compatibility with any voltage and frequency.

Every sound reinforcement loudspeaker requires highpass filtering to deliver its highest dynamic range, lowest distortion and maximum reliability. For systems that don’t require expensive, complicated digital processing, One Systems will now offer the SF-4 analog highpass filter. The SF-4 comprises four user-adjustable 4th order Butterworth highpass filters in an all-metal 1RU(1.75-inch) chassis.

The SF-4’s user selectable, 4th order Butterworth filter frequencies are 35 Hz, 45 Hz, 60 Hz and 80 Hz. The manufacturer chose these frequencies to match the requirements of One Systems speaker models, but adds that they are also compatible with other loudspeaker brands.

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