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Outline FlySub 15 iMode, FlySub 15 Line Array Subwoofer Speakers

Outline FlySub 15

At InfoComm 2012, Outline featured its new FlySub 15 iMode and FlySub 15 Line Array Subwoofer Speakers. The company says its new series of subwoofers are designed to add crisp and clear low-end energy punch to Outline’s iMode powered Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. and passive EIDOS 265 LA Line Array Speaker Systems. These systems are targeted for fixed installation, auditorium, outdoor venue and light touring applications.

The FlySub 15 iMode is an iMode/internal amplifier powered subwoofer equipped with a long-stroke 15-inch loudspeaker, designed specifically for the reinforcement of low frequencies for the Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. Vertical Line Array (VLA) loud speaker system. The rigging hardware incorporated into the FlySub cabinet is compatible with that of the Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. system for easy installation. The cabinet’s raked lines enable a wider range of geometric configurations in context of a VLA, taking into consideration the mechanical stresses on a specific VLA installation to ensure the necessary safety margins for a flying system.

Outline FlySub 15 hardware

Outline states that it calculated the FlySub’s acoustic loading to include the top end of the upper bass frequency range for a perfect match with the Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. This relieves the Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. cabinets from bass duty for greater system dynamic range with minimum distortion. The 15-inch loudspeaker is fitted with a dual spider to enable the system to stand up to hard use. Outline used upgraded ventilation to handle power peaks and careful measurement of electro-acoustic parameters based on high level signals to create a well-balanced design offering superior performance with excursion, current and temperature. The FlySub 15 iMode is equipped with Outline’s proprietary iMode technology and a Class-D amplifier (1,000 watts EIAJ at 8 Ω). The frequency response is said to be from 35 Hz to 550 Hz (-10 dB) with peak SPL at 136.5 dB.

The FlySub 15 passive subwoofer is designed for use with the new EIDOS 265 LA Line Array Speaker system, which is also passive. It features the same dimensions, mechanical and electro-acoustic specifications as the FlySub 15 iMode, but requires an external amplifier and DSP to match iMode performance.

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