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Randall Amplifiers George Lynch MTS Signature Series

Randall Amplifiers announces the George Lynch MTS Signature Series preamp modules ($299 each), which offer Lynch’s classic guitar tones, ranging from smooth and clean to the heavy rhythm tones characteristic of the Dokken and Lynch Mob eras.

The preamp modules are designed to integrate seamlessly inside Randall’s MTS line of guitar amplifiers. Randall’s MTS Series of amps includes combos, heads, rackmount units, as well as George Lynch’s custom Lynch Box head and cabinet series. Guitarists can load their choice of preamps in any combination to capture Lynch’s tones with one Randall amplifier. The George Lynch MTS Series includes four different preamp modules for a wide range of tones and flexibility: Super V (clean module with low bottom end), Mr. Scary (heavy rhythm lead tone), Grail (thick lower midrange for modern lead tone) and Brahma (high-gain tone for Lynch’s classic rhythm sound).

Users can swap different MTS Series preamp modules into their amp. MTS modules are based on tone circuits from Fender, Marshall, Vox and Randall amplifiers, as well as the signature sounds of selected guitar players.

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