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Riedel PMX Series

Riedel Communications’ improved PMX Series panel multiplexers are designed for panel distribution and transport of audio signals. The PMX-Series is designed to minimize setup time when used to remote four (PMX-2004) or eight (PMX-2008) intercom panels from the Riedel Artist or Performer 32 digital intercom matrix using a fiber link.

The PMX Series allows for the operation of a group of intercom panels over a distance of 1,600 feet or 1.2 miles, depending on the SFP module. The PMX-2004 provides four BNCs to connect to matrix ports or panels, plus a duplex LC fiber connector. In addition, the PMX-2008 holds two such modules, thus eight intercom panels can be remoted from the matrix via two fiber links.

The PMX can be used at the matrix end or the panel end of the fiber link by setting a switch at the rear of the unit to the appropriate position, while status information is provided by four LEDs on the front panel.

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