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Small Tree Unveils TZ5+ Mobile Shared Storage System at NAB 2016

Affordable, Rugged and Robust Mobile Unit Provides Optimal Performance for Video Editors On the Road and in the Studio

With an increasing demand for mobile shared storage support, Small Tree, which specializes in video editing shared storage, has developed the ideal mobile workflow solution for video editors to edit projects while on the road. The TitaniumZ5+, unveiled at NAB 2016 (SL12117), is a full featured, high-performance video editing shared storage appliance with advanced file sharing capabilities that is available at an extremely affordable price point.

An all-in-one Ethernet-based shared storage solution for professional video editors who require shared access to media files, whether in the studio or on the go, TZ5+ provides optimal flexibility for post-production studios. The server, networking and storage are all accommodated within the TZ5+’s space-saving desktop design. So whether it’s at the studio or on the move with a mobile production crew, TZ5+ allows users immediate and simultaneous access to project files.

A five-drive system available with 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB or 8TB disk drives, TZ5+ offers 2 GbE ports and can support up to 2 ports of 10GbE for users requiring more performance. The unit, which comes with a built-in handle attached to a rugged case to withstand the rigors of mobile requirements, is simple to set up and manage, allowing the storage to be available within minutes of initial start-up. Platform agnostic, TZ5+ supports Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Final Cut 7 and Apple Final Cut Pro 10, in addition to other popular multimedia applications.

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