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SonicPool Announces DVD, Videogame Projects

SonicPool, one of Hollywood’s leading post-production facilities, has announced its latest DVD and videogame projects. The announcement was made by John Frost and Patrick Bird, cofounders/supervising sound mixers.

SonicPool provided the sweetening for the in-concert release of the band Rooney’s DVD entitled Rooney at the Roxy on behalf of client Brandon Schantz Productions. For the project, SonicPool edited the concert performance and enhanced the recorded event to sound more lifelike and natural. The company then mastered the new tracks to an HD tape.

For client Sweet Spot Entertainment and their videogame Golden Compass, SonicPool provided audio mixing and sound design—as well as HD online and color correction—for TV spots and trailers, Internet sizzle reels and behind-the-scenes spots promoting that game.

Additionally, SonicPool’s newest videogame trailer work, through client The Ant Farm, was for trailers promoting the games Call of Duty 4 and Guitar Hero 3.

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