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Spitfire Audio BML210 Bone Phalanx Virtual Instrument Library

Spitfire Audio in London announces its BML210 Bone Phalanx stand-alone virtual instrument library module for Native Instruments’ KONTAKT platform. It showcases three tenor trombones, two bass trombones, and one contrabass trombone recorded in AIR Studios in London.

The company states that the new library completes its trio of brass library additions to its British Modular Library, which also includes BML211 Horn Phalanx and BML209 Trumpet Phalanx.

BML210 Bone Phalanx features a set of articulations including Longs, Longs Legato, Longs Cuivre (brassy), Shorts Staccatissimo, Shorts Tenuto, Shorts Marcato, Double Tongue, Triple Tongue, Quad Tongue, Rips, and Falls. All are available with standard and extended arrays of microphone mixes: Close, Tree, Ambient, Outrigger, Stereo Pair, Close Ribbon, Gallery, and Mid Range. Plus, Spitfire Audio’s chief engineer and associate producer, Jake Jackson, created three mixes.

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