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Steely Dan Tours with Granelli Audio Labs G5790 Microphones

FOH engineer Mark Dowdle (at left) and Granelli Audio Labs’ John Grant at the Steely Dan soundcheck in Baltimore on September 14, 2014.

Granelli Audio Labs reports that Steely Dan recently wrapped up their second consecutive summer tour using three Granelli Audio Labs G5790 microphones—one on each of drummer Keith Carlock’s two snare drums, along with a spare mic.

Granelli Audio Labs recently caught up with front-of-house engineer Mark Dowdle (whose other credits include Gloria Estefan and Elton John) at a recent stop at Pier 6 in Baltimore. Dowdle talked about the choosing the G5790 microphones for a band whose quest for sonic perfection is legendary and whose mic selection includes Neumann U87s, Earthworks models, and AEA ribbon mics.

The G5790 on Keith Carlock’s snare drum.

“For as long as I can remember, the SM57 has been my go-to mic for snare drum applications,” Dowdle says. “It’s become increasingly harder, due to confined spaces, to get a conventional 57 positioned correctly, which to me is extremely important.

“The Granelli Audio Labs G5790 gives me the flexibility to get the mic in an optimal position every time I use it, no matter what the situation,” Dowdle continues. “I depend on a great snare sound with continuity from one show to the next. With the Granelli 57 I get just what I need for a flawless snare sound every time I use it.”

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