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Sterling Audio ST Series Condenser Microphones

Sterling Audio, working closely with Aspen Pittman of Groove Tubes, has developed five new condenser mics: the ST66 Class-A tube, large-diaphragm condenser mic; ST55 Class-A FET, large-diaphragm condenser mic; ST44 Class-A tube, mid-size diaphragm condenser mic; ST33 Class-A FET, mid-size diaphragm condenser mic; and ST31 low-noise FET, mid-sized condenser mic.

With the exception of the ST31, all models feature an attenuation switch (-10 dB on the ST66 and ST55; -15 dB on the ST44 and ST33), a 75Hz, 12dB-per-octave low-frequency roll-off switch, cardioid polar pattern and transformer-isolated output. The ST31 uses a hypercardioid polar pattern and transformerless output design.

The ST66 and ST44 use triode wiring on selected pentode tubes to yield low noise and a realistic dynamic response. Their power supplies are designed with a load-balancing circuitry that allows cable runs of more than 200 feet with no deviation from optimal performance.

All Sterling Audio microphones feature high SPL handling, and available accessories include the STSM3 and STSM4 shock-mounts and the STPF1 pop filter.

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