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Stuck On On Post Facility in Austin, Texas, Completes ‘Take Shelter’ Movie

Stuck On On, an audio and visual finishing house located in Austin, Texas, reports that it helped to create the sights and sounds for the recently released motion picture Take Shelter, directed by Jeff Nichols and starring Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain. Stuck On On recently celebrated four years in business in Austin working with nationally recognized films and brands, providing audio mixing, editing, color correction, DI (digital intermediate), sound design, sound effects editing, music, and more.

The company’s principals—Parke Gregg, Lyman Hardy III, and Allison Turrell—have more than 25 years’ experience in the post-production industry, combined. Through its client roster in both film and advertising, Stuck On On offers a complete post-production package that helps to strengthen the city’s standing as a creative destination for film production. In addition to Take Shelter, the staff at Stuck On On has also worked on the films Where Soldiers Come From, Restive, Slacker 2011, Winnebago Man, and more.

“Filmmakers are proud to call Austin their home,” says Allison Turrell, executive producer at Stuck On On. “It’s our goal to keep them here and grow Austin as a major destination for post-production.”

Take Shelter director Nichols says, “For me, it’s important to work near my home with people I know. The fact that a company like Stuck On On exists right in my backyard is a tremendous asset to me. I love working with friends, and I’m lucky to have friends that just happen to run an exceptional post facility.”

For Take Shelter, Stuck On On played many roles in the post-production process, from editing the film with Nichols to providing color correction and sound design.

Take Shelter is the perfect movie for Stuck On On to really show off the breadth of what we can do,” says Gregg, an editor/colorist/DI artist. “We literally started with raw, unedited footage and ended with a polished film ready for audiences worldwide.”

“I recorded the gas lantern sounds for the lantern that Curtis holds in the storm shelter,” says designer Lyman Hardy. “Parke had an old Coleman lantern in his shed. It was late at night and we were racing the clock for Sundance [Film Festival]. I set it up in our vocal booth, hit Record, and left it on for about 15 minutes, producing a bit of carbon monoxide in the process. We had to air out the studio for about an hour. Definitely wasn’t a good idea, but luckily, I got the sounds I needed, and the lantern wound up sounding awesome.”

For Take Shelter, Stuck On On used tools like Assimilate’s SCRATCH post-production platform, which aided in integrating visual effects (which were created by visual effects facility Hydraulx, based in Santa Monica, Calif.) with the warmth of small-town family life, thus blurring the lines between reality and dreams.

The film premiered at Cannes and Sundance. At Cannes, Nichols won the 2011 Critics Week Grand Prize and SACD Award. At Sundance, Take Shelter was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize.

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