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Synk Audio Musicbed DV 1.6

Synk Audio announces V. 1.6 of its Musicbed DV ($249) music soundtrack–generation software, offering Universal Binary support for Intel-based Macs, new music-generation features, new surround music features and more than double the amount of royalty-free music content. Musicbed DV is a stand-alone Mac application with import and export options for integration with Apple’s iMovie, GarageBand, Final Cut Studio and Logic.

Musicbed DV generates soundtracks that match the mood and timing of video and audio projects. Users are offered a set of versatile controls for adjusting musical intensity, complexity, dynamics and more in real time. Control curves add musical builds and punctuation that underscore and accent the emotional movement of projects. Music soundtracks of any duration may be generated and exported with a variety of options, including stereo and surround formats.

The Musicbed DV Bundle includes the Seasons 1 and 2 customizable stock music libraries. The new Music Package Swap feature allows the mood, genre and instrumentation of music in the timeline to be changed independently of timing and control curves.

This new version also offers Keyframe Snapshots for taking snapshots of music style and texture customizations. Music Clip Overlay/Overwrite is a new preference that lets the user specify whether adding music to the timeline overlays or overwrites existing music. Music in the timeline may freely overlap, allowing for seamless transitions between different music themes.

Musicbed DV 1.6 also contains new surround mix presets for various surround music usage scenarios. Narrative projects may benefit from the theatrically oriented surround mix preset, while entertainment projects may be enhanced by the preset for an immersive surround music presentation. Music packages contain hundreds of nonlinear audio tracks, all of which are mixed according to the desired preset for a true surround music mix.

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