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Unitonic Aurora Version 1.5

Unitonic announced the release of Aurora Version 1.5, an update to its Pro Tools|HD Accel TDM synth package that expands the sonic possibilities of its advanced synthesis architecture and adds intelligent macros for quick edits to patches.

With Aurora v1.5, envelope design has been enhanced so that a single tone can now have up to 40 independent complex envelopes, each with 16-steps plus looping—all operating simultaneously. This new design permits each envelope (for volume, frequency, timbre volume and frequency, and pan) to work as its own LFO, producing extremely rich tones that can drastically change over time.

Version 1.5 also includes a “voicing assist” page that simplifies the process of creating a patch or editing an existing one. Patches can be quickly adjusted using “macros” that automatically change dozens of parameters with the touch of a button, all organized in musically-relevant terms such as sustained vs. percussive, brighter vs. darker, dissonant vs. consonant, etc. The Voicing Assist page also displays a visual overview of a tone’s eight Partials as they work together, each producing its own complex waveform.

Currently, Aurora supports Digidesign Pro Tools|HD Accel systems running on the Macintosh platform only. An update supporting the Windows XP platform is scheduled for release during Q1 2005.

System requirements: Mac-based Digidesign Pro Tools TDM system with HD Accel hardware, running Pro Tools 6.0 or newer software. A PACE iLok USB Smart Key (purchased separately) and an account are also required for licensing.

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