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25 Years of Mix!

The year was 1977. Disco was thumping, punk was exploding and rock was coming into its own. Recording studios were taking delivery of the first-generation of large-format consoles, and track count was going beyond 24. A couple of entrepreneurs from Berkeley, California, looked around the changing landscape and decided to start a magazine....


…to a different time in the pro audio industry. The year was 1977.Disco was thumping, punk was exploding and rock was coming into itsown. Recording studios were taking delivery of the first-generation oflarge-format consoles, and track count was going beyond 24. Digital wasjust beginning to creep in. A couple of entrepreneurs from Berkeley,California, looked around the changing landscape and decided to start amagazine.

Today, 25 years later, Mix magazine is proud to have played apart in the evolution of what today has become the professional audioindustry. But unlike most industries, pro audio is also a community ofindividuals who love what they do, whether in creating great sounds orhigh-quality tools used to weave audio magic. Mix couldn’t haveexisted all those years without the involvement of many friends whohave supported our endeavors, ranging from the TEC Awards to a special(Web and print) commemorative issue that reflects on a quarter-centuryof change.

To continue that celebration, the links below spotlight some of thecompanies that played a part in shaping professional audio in 2002.Check ’em out!

—George Petersen, editorial director

Building on thesuccess of the MG1212, MG1214, MG14D analog multitracks, and theaward-winning DR/DD Series digital recorders, DAWs and digital dubbers,Akai again sets the standard for affordable pro recording products withthe DPS24.

Designing microphonesand headphones is both a science and an art. Over the past 50 years,AKG has consistently married these two elements to create some of thetruest and most natural-sounding microphones and headphones nowavailable in the marketplace.

Making it in the musicindustry is all about access. Access to a world of gear, techniques,and perhaps most important, each other.

AMS Neve plc isdedicated to the design and manufacture of professional audioequipment. The company provides a range of integrated and scaleableequipment solutions.

Audio-Technica hasbeen dedicated to advancing the art and technology of electro-acousticdesign and manufacturing since 1962.

B+H Photo-Video-ProAudio is among the leading worldwide, online mail order and retailsuppliers of pro audio merchandise for professionals and consumersalike.

BLUE Microphones aremore than just a recording tool…they are an investment in value,quality and expression.

CAD ProfessionalMicrophones, a division of Omnitronics LLC located in Conneaut, Ohio,designs and manufactures professional microphones for the mostdemanding studio recording and live performanceapplications.

Community ProfessionalLoudspeakers is a manufacturer of loudspeaker systems for applicationsranging from outdoor sports facilities to boardrooms, training rooms,houses of worship, nightclubs and just about anywhere else in need ofquality sound reinforcement.

The AudioCube 5 fromCube-Tec is a multichannel, 24-bit/96kHz (dual-Wire, 192kHz) integratedaudio workstation.

The development ofaudio technologies is a science—but it is also an art. To mergeboth concepts together during loudspeaker design requires ingenioustechnical skill and passionate creativity

Eventide introducesthe latest-generation application-specific effects processor for thebroadcast market.

More than 20 yearsago, Marty Garcia, President of Future Sonics, Inc. invented the first”in-ear” type custom products and systems.

Check around. Ask anyengineer, producer or artist if they have Hosa in their system. Chancesare, they do.

Thirty years ago,Lexicon released the world’s first commercial digital audio product.Since then, Lexicon has been at the forefront of digital audiotechnology, often providing technologies before anyoneelse.

Produced in closecollaboration between Mackie and MOTU, Mackie Control is a fullyautomated, touch-sensitive control surface for MOTU DigitalPerformer.

Manley LaboratoriesInc. in recent years has expanded and thrived under EveAnna Manley’sleadership.Our 11,000-square-foot building houses our own machine shop,printed circuit board manufacture, audio transformer winding, engravingand silk-screening facilities.

Starting in 1928 withthe famous CMV3 “Bottle” condenser microphone, Neumann embarked on amission to engineer what has turned out to be an unparalleled continualstream of award-winning audio innovations for recording, film andvideo, mastering, radio and broadcast, post-production and, today, liveperformance.

NEUTRIK® offers acomplete line of high-quality, cost-effective products for theprofessional audio and video industry.

At NHTPro, we believethat studio monitors should, above all, be unflinchingly accurate andunerringly consistent. They must reproduce the musical signal at thehighest possible resolution, accurate in both time and frequencydomains, without emphasis or disguise.

Twenty-five years ago,studio equipment was only really available to record companies and asmall number of independents that invested huge sums ofmoney.

David Royer’sunique personal history, deep love of classical music and unrivaledunderstanding of ribbon technology led him to design the first R-121 onhis kitchen table.

SADiE UK are designersand manufacturers of the renowned PC-based SADiE Digital AudioWorkstations for a wide range of applications, including CD mastering,radio production, and TV and film post-production.

Sennheiser was founded1945 by Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser, and today has grown to $200 millionin sales worldwide with factories in Wedemark and Burgdorf (Germany),Tullamore (Ireland) and Albuquerque, N.M. (USA).

Designed for both liveperformance and systems-integration applications, Shure’s newaffordable ULX Standard and ULX Professional UHF Wireless Systemsfeature high-quality audio and proprietary AutomaticFrequency-Selection circuitry.

Toft Audio Designs maybe a new company to the professional audio industry, but the peoplebehind it are seasoned veterans. They are dedicated to providinghigh-quality, well-engineered professional audio products at a verycompetitive price.

Ask any musician orengineer, “Who invented the home studio revolution?” and you are likelyto hear the same reply: Tascam.

Waves practicallyinvented the audio processor plug-in market in 1993 with Digidesign’sfirst third-party plug-in.

It began in 1987 withan 8-input, 2-output mixer with motorized faders called DMP7. Yamahahad been producing high-quality mixing consoles for years, but therewas something unique about this one: digital audioprocessing.