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Alan Lomax Named NARAS Trustees Award

Alan Lomax has been selected by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences' (NARAS) Board of Trustees as one of this year’s recipients of the Academy’s

Alan Lomax has been selected by the National Academy of RecordingArts & Sciences’ (NARAS) Board of Trustees as one of thisyear’s recipients of the Academy’s Trustees Award. Thismerit award is presented to individuals who, during their career inmusic, have made significant contributions, other than performance, tothe field of recording.

Anna Lomax Chairetakis will accept the award on behalf of herfather. The award ceremony will take place at the nominee banquet onSaturday, February 22, 2003, in New York City. Excerpts from theceremony will be broadcast the following night at the 45th AnnualGrammy Awards telecast.

The first releases from Alan Lomax’s vast body of work issued sincehis death are the new anthology CD The Land Where the BluesBegan and book of the same name, which are drawn from his legendarytrove of original field recordings of rural blues, country and otherAmerican roots music. The disc was released by Rounder Records and thebook was reprinted by the New Press; it was originally published in1993.

The book The Land Where the Blues Began, is based on Lomax’saccounts of extensive travels through the rural South in search ofsingers and players who had maintained the precious legacy ofAfro-America’s deep-rooted “folk” music traditions, unsung andunknown, includng artists like Leadbelly, Muddy Waters, HoneyboyEdwards, Son House and Mississippi Fred McDowell, to name a few. The CDincludes landmark musical performances, as well as compelling spokenmaterial by the artists. Most of the tracks are discussed in the bookand appear in corresponding order.

For more information regarding this release, or other Alan LomaxCollection releases, please contact Howard Wuelfing at Howlin’Wuelf Media: 215/428-9119 or