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Audio Production for Bryn Close to Home

Interview With BBC Sound Supervisor Martin Glifford on Recording Audio for Bryn Terfel Bryn Close to Home TV Series

This spring’s BBC television series “Bryn Close to Home,“ featuring classical singer Bryn Terfel, saw the artist giving a musical performance in tough terrains around his North Wales home. BBC Wales brought in former BBC sound supervisor Martin Gifford (who has set up his own company, 24Bit Ltd.), who used a SADiE LRX2 multitrack location recording interface for recording/editing. “My SADiE LRX was used in nearly every location, but in terms of technically challenging, the recording at the slate caverns definitely tops the bill,” Gifford recalled. “For this, the Welsh electric folk group Ar Log performed with Bryn, using the above-ground village as a set. The group had pre-recorded multitrack backing tracks, which were not yet finished or mixed. The tracks arrived less than an hour before shooting was due to start, and I brought them into my LRX2 for replay and for Bryn to overdub the lead vocal, standing with headphones at the rear of my mobile sound truck. Of course several takes were necessary, and after instant multitrack editing on-site and replaying a timecoded sync mix, the whole project was returned to the band for further work and final mix, always keeping the live vocals in sync with the TV shoot.”