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Basse Bags Zaolla Silverline

Ex-Black Sheep frontman Willie Basse has been using Zaolla Silverline guitar and mic cables.

Los Angeles, CA (October 19, 2011)—Ex-Black Sheep frontman Willie Basse has been using Zaolla Silverline guitar and mic cables.

Break Away—released in 2010 on the New Empire Media label—is the title of Basse’s most recent single, which features Dokken/Lynch Mob guitarist George Lynch and Scorpions drummer James Kottak. As a solo artist, Basse is very particular about his sound and, for the past three years, has used Zaolla Silverline cables.

“I’ve spent three quarters of my life dedicated to achieving a better sound,” Basse explained. “Over the years, I’ve conducted numerous cable and connector ‘shootouts’ and I consistently prefer the sound I hear with Zaolla Silverline. I really like the Artist 500 guitar cables. The cable’s solid silver core makes for a much better signal conductor. I first learned about solid-core silver from Doug Sax and Stephen Haselton from the old Mastering Lab in Hollywood and when I listened, I was sold. The Artist 500 is, by far, the most accurate cable available in terms of sound quality. This cable delivers a clean, clear, punchy representation of the sound. These cables enable me to hear exactly what my ears are hearing when I’m standing in the room with the instruments.”

“I’m equally impressed with the plugs on the ends of these cables,” says Basse. “Everything about the Artist 500 is top notch. The build quality, the way they wrap, and the way they lay flat on stage. I’ve had my Zaolla Silverline cables for a good 3-4 years and they simply get the job done better than any other brand I’ve tried.”

Basse is equally fond of his Zaolla Silverline microphone cables. “These mic cables are clearer than any other cable brand I’ve experienced,” Basse reports. “From the microphone to the mic preamp and on to the channel input, I use my Zaolla Silverline cables all the time. Cables are a critical element in the studio that can’t be overlooked. Zaolla Silverline is as accurate and true to the source as you can find. With these cables, I know exactly what I’m getting when it comes to the sound.”

Willie Basse

Zaolla Silverline