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Community DnD Series Loudspeakers

Community’s (NSCA booth #1308) two new modular enclosures (DnD12 and DnD15) are multi-angle cabinets

Community’s (NSCA booth #1308) two new modular enclosures(DnD12, right, and DnD15) are multi-angle cabinets that can be used asstage monitors at either of two angles or in a traditional uprightfashion. The DnD12 is a two-way, full-range device with a 12-inchwoofer at the low end and a Focused Array high-frequency section usinga dual-driver pattern control horn. Housing a high-power,high-efficiency 15-inch woofer, the DnD15 incorporates the same HFsection as the DnD12.

Within the Focused Array design, 1-inch PZT drivers are coupled tothe 90×40-degree (HxV) molded horn and angled in the vertical plane tomaintain consistent vertical coverage at all frequencies. Thehorn’s inherent pattern control performs similarly within thehorizontal plane, putting an end to “beaming,” extremenarrowing of the coverage pattern.

Community’s PowerSense Plug dual-stage protective circuitrysafeguards both DnD loudspeakers, providing an automatic fail-safedefense against driver damage from overpowering. In the first stage ofPowerSense Plus protection, output level is reduced by 3 dB and a redindicator illuminates on the input panel. If the applied powerresponsible for the activation of first-stage protection remainsconstant, then the system will continue to operate in first-stage mode.Beyond this level, any increase in power will trigger a stage-twoprotective response, which initiates a much larger power reduction toprotect the drivers from harm.

Each DnD enclosure is covered with durable black carpeting, andfeatures a perforated steel grille, stand socket and three mountingpoints. SRP of the DnD12 is $239 and DnD15 lists for $259.

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